Friday, July 2, 2010

Wanna Picnik?


So you know I have been raving lately about the photo editing website where I have been turning my wimpy snapshots into something more eye catching! They have a wonderful free toolbar, but I was really drooling over the Premium membership when I saw all that it could do.

I have always been one to praise a company for a service well done, so I shot them an email singing their praises from the mountaintops! One of the best things about is that it is so easy to use (even a caveman could do it...well, if they had cameras and computers) There is no guess work when it comes to editing your photo. As you choose a filter, effect or frame you get to see your picture change as you increase or decrease the effect. You can literally take your ho-hum shot and turn it into WOWZERS in about 5 minutes.

After I got done singing their praises they offered me something wonderful for all of you out there who are wanting to edit your photos.

I have 3 one-month upgrade memberships for the Premium features.

That's right. 3 of you can win an upgraded membership and all you have to do is:


We are going to do a theme and you need to capture your photos sticking with this theme and upload them to and use the free tools to edit to your hearts content. Once you have an entry, come back here and leave me your link in your comment. (link directly to your post with your entry, I don't like digging for missing socks much less on a blog) There will be 3 winners chosen on a drawing. I don't really want to judge what I know will be some fantabulous shots! The winner will be announced on July 20th at noon and you have 24 hours to respond to collect your code to redeem your premium membership. Sound good?

Alright your theme is: SUMMERTIME



Blanca said...

Thanks for a great giveaway! I love picnik!!!!

Mama M. said...

Here's my entry!!

It's minimally edited...just a little sharpening and a boost of color, but here it is!!

Rachel said...

Here is what summer looks like in our house (or at our house):

Little boy wearing BIG boy underpants time!:)

Anonymous said...

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