Sunday, May 23, 2010

L'Bri Review

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The L'Bri Difference

I was contacted by Debbie Hegeman with L'Bri to review their skin care products. I was very hesitant to try it because my skin is best described as fussy. Through years of breakouts, I have discovered that most of the skin care products out there were simply to rough for my face. I got by with a bar of Dove soap and nothing else. As a result, my skin was clear but had dry patches.

I went ahead and agreed to it after I read their website because the claim was to be natural and gentle.

I received my sample package within a few days of agreeing to do the review and was surprised at how many goodies I got.

  • Cleanser
  • Freshener
  • Moisturizer
  • Facial Peel
  • Masque
  • Eye Repair
  • Face and Body Scrub
  • Complete instructions on how to use each product
The best thing that comes with L'Bri was their customer service. Debbie Hegeman (who I now consider a friend) called me right away to go over their products, explain the benefits and addressed any concerns I might have (such as my face falling off) She followed up on the phone several times during the treatment to ask how it was going and even offered to send me a more intensive moisturizer after I explained how dry my skin was normally.

Here are my opinions about L'Bri Skin Care Products.
  1. I loved the aloe base in all the products. Especially in the cleanser. I wondered why the cleanser didn't foam when using it and then found out all about the harsh chemicals used in soap that causes it to foam. Trust me girls...if it foams, its damaging your skin.
  2. The citrus & papaya peel really freaked me out. It took so many dead skin cells off my face, I really wondered if I would have a profile and freckles left. I was left with smoother skin than my newborn has.
  3. The eye repair is a "Miracle In A Bottle"!! Seriously, we are talking fountain of youth stuff here! I rubbed a tee-tiny amount around my eyes and those little squint lines. *POOF* they began to plump back out and were certainly minimized in just one treatment!
  4. The scrub was amazing! You know those scrubs you get off the shelf with the pieces of walnut shells crushed in it. Kinda feels like rubbing sandpaper all over your face. THAT IS NOT HOW A SCRUB SHOULD FEEL!! You have got to try L'Bri's scrub. Your face will thank me for that advice!
  5. The moisturizer is heavenly. One my first application, I poured a moderate amount in my palm. I ended up panicking and trying to push all the excess back into the bottle. This stuff goes a long way and packs a serious one-two punch to your dry areas. It also keeps moisturizing all day!!
I am beyond impressed with L'Bri products and with the wonderful customer service that Debbie provided. I urge each of you to abandon your old skin care routine and place an order with L'Bri! Your skin will love you for it and friends and family will be SOOO jealous of your smooth, baby-looking skin!!

*Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way (other than the free sample products) for this review. For other disclosures, please visit my "Mission Statement" page.

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